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Includes books, articles,academic studies, and links to notable researchers' websites where appropriate


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  • English Folk Dancing, Douglas.N.Kennedy, 1964, Bell, London
  • English Folk Song and Dance, Frank Kidson and Mary Neal, 1915, Cambridge University Press (Reprint 1972 - EP Publishing)
  • The Country Dance Book Books I-VI, Cecil J Sharp, 1909 - 22, Novello, London
  • Some notes on the English Country Dance before Playford Melusine Wood, in The Journal of the EFDSS, 3 (1936-39), 93-94

Other British

  • Dance in Society - Middle Ages to the Present Day, Frances Rust, 1969, Routledge Keegan Paul
  • Highland Balls and Village Halls, G.W.Lockhart, 1985, 2nd ed. 1997, Luath Press Ltd. Edinburgh
  • Scotland's Dances, H.A. Thurston, 1954, Bell, London


  • A Time to Dance American Country Dancing from Hornpipes to Hot Hash. Richard Nevell, 1977. St.Martin's Press, New York.
  • City Folk: English Country Dance and the Politics of the Folk in North America, W.J.Walkowitz, NYU Press,2013. This is the story of English Country Dance, from its 18th century roots in the English cities and countryside, to its transatlantic leap to the U.S. in the 20th century, told by not only a renowned historian but also a folk dancer, who has both immersed himself in the rich history of the folk tradition and rehearsed its steps.
  • The Dance - An Historical Survey of Dancing in Europe, Cecil J Sharp and A P Oppe, 1924, Halton & Truscott Smith Ltd (London) Minton,Balch & Co.(New York)
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  • Take Your Partner - Traditional Dancing in Australia, Shirley Andrews, 1979, Griffin Press, S.Australia
  • World history of the dance, Curt Sachs (Translated by B. Schönberg), 1963, Norton, New York* World history of the dance, Curt Sachs (Translated by B. Schönberg), 1963, Norton, New York
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