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May, John Alexander; A Selection of the Most Favorite Songs, etc. (ed. May, John Alexander)comprising of:- 1. Theatrical Music.A Miscellaneous Collection of Favorite Airs. A Complete Set of Marches, Quick Steps, &c. Favorite Airs Arranged for Three German Flutes &c: 2. A Select Collection of Original Scottish Airs, according to the most approved style: 3. A Collection of the Most Favorite Irish Airs: 4. A Select Collection of Original Welch Airs; Glasgow: J.McFadyen, n.d. (ca1810)

Favorite [sic] andante (Dr Haydn) 1	
Minuetto (Haydn) 2	
Rondo from 3rd symphony (Haydn) 3	
Favorite [sic] slow movement in The lady of the manor (Hook) 4	
Rondo in The lady of the manor (Hook) 6	
Minuetto from 4th symphony (Haydn) 8	
*Rondo (Pleyel) 9	
Minuetto (Stamitz) 10	
Roxalane (Haydn) 11	
Favorite [sic] minuet in Samson (Handel)	
Minuet from 5th symphony (Pleyel) 13	
Minuetto from 8th symphony (Pleyel)	
Minuetto from Grand overture (Pleyel) 15	
Favourite minuet from 42nd symphony (Vanhall [sic]) 16	
Minuet from 4th symphony (Pleyel) 17	
Life let us cherish (Mozart)	
Hope told a flattering tale 19	
Favorite [sic] andante (Haydn)	
Favorite [sic] air in Tekeli 20	
Dans le verger de Cythere (french air) 21	
O nanny wilt thou gang with me (J Carter) 22	
Non temer bel idol mio (italian air) 23	
Nobody coming to marry me	
Jai vu Lise [sic: J'ai] (french air) 24	
*The brave cossack 25	
Hark the hollow wood resounding (J S Smith) 26	
La pipe de tabac	
Swiss air Le rans des vaches (as noted by one of the greatest violin players that ever cross'd the Alps) 27	
Favorite [sic] french air	
*The celebrated spanish fandango 28	
*Favorite [sic] air in The lake of Lausanne	
*La Lauretta 29	
*Earl Moira's strathspey (McIntyre)	
Favorite [sic] polish rondo (Yaniewicz) 30	
Duetto (J A May) 31	
Minuetto (J A May) 32	
*Madame Catalani's favorite [sic] waltz 33	
Duett (J A May) 34	
Presto (J A May) 36	
Miss Stewart's waltz (J A May)	
*Miss Jean Niven's waltz (J A May) 37	
Duetto (J A May)	
Rondo (J A May) 38	
Miss Dorothea Stirling's waltz (J A May) 39	
The Glasgow waltz (J A May) 40	
*Mr Ham[ilto]n Garden's favorite [sic] waltz 41	
*Miss C Littlejohn's walzt (J A May)	
The celebrated tyrolian waltz	
Miss Mar[gare]t Fleming's waltz (J A May) 42	
*Mr Tho[ma]s B Scott's waltz	
Mr Alex[ande]r Hall's waltz (J A May)	
Miss Barbara Dixon's waltz (J A May) 43	
Prince of Wales's grand march (Werth) 44	
Duke of York's march 45	
Duke of York's new march 46	
Duke of Kent's march 47	
Duke of Clarence's march (Miller)	
Duke of Bedford's grand march 48	
Duke of Bedford's quick step	
Admiral Lord Nelson's grand march 50	
Dead march in Saul (Handel) 51	
Nelson's monument	
Grand troop of the West Lowland Fencibles (Kauntze) 52	
*The Renfrew Shire Volunteers slow march (Dr Young of Erskine) [sic: Renfrewshire] 53	
*Quick step O'er bogie wi my love	
*March in Vallentine and Orson	
Dead march (S Holden) 54	
*Quick march of the Down Shire Reg[imen]t (S Holden) 55	
Col[onel] Law[renc]e Macdowal of the Renfrew Shire Militia's slow march (J A May) [sic: Renfrewshire]	
Col[onel] Law[renc]e Macdowal's bugle quick step (J A May) 56	
Col[onel] Boyle's march (J A May) 57	
*Major Brown's grand march (J A May)	
*The Hessian march 58	
Col[onel] Corbet of the Glasgow Sharp Shooters slow march (J A May)59	
Capt[ain] Geo[rg]e Clark of the Ayrshire Militia's bugle quick step (J A May) 60	
Major Hunter's bugle quick step (J A May)	
*The 42nd Reg[imen]ts march and quick step (as performed before his Majesty)	
Quick step Highland laddie 61	
*Earl of Balcarras march (Countess of Balcarras)	
*The Lanark Shire Militia's slow march [sic: Lanarkshire]	
*The Newcastle quick step (T Wright)	
*Slow march 62	
*Quick step	
*Roses bla (Northumberland air)	
*Favorite [sic] bugle quick step 63	
*The Royal's march	
*The West Lowland Fencibles quick march	
*March in The 40 thieves 64	
*Capt[ain] Price's quick step (Holden)	
Grand dead march 65	
The king shall enjoy his own again (favorite [sic] highland march)	
Mozart's grand march 66	
The nightingale 67	
Werth's grand march 68	
My lady (F Hill) 69	
The bagshot slow march (J McLean) 70	
The London march (Kirshaw) 71	
Grand march in the romance of Blue Beard	
*Fort George Troop 72	
Colman's grand march 73	
Favorite [sic] bugle horn minuett [sic] 74	
Favorite [sic] song in The quaker arranged as a march 75	
Favorite [sic] military piece	
*Favorite [sic] german war song 76	
+To our Musical Club 77	
+How merrily we live (glee	
Mich[ael] Este) 78	
+We be soldiers three (glee) 79	
+Oh mein lieber Augustin [sic: Augustin] (German air with var[iatio]ns) 80	
+Glorious Apollo 82	
+One night when all the village slept (Sir J Stevenson)	
+Drink to me only (glee) 83	
+Hymn for the Emperor Francis (Dr Haydn) 85	
*Braes of Ballandine	
*I'll never leave thee 85	
*Scots wha hae we' Wallace bled	
*The Birks of Invermay	
*The last time I came o'er the muir 86	
*Within a mile of Edinburgh	
*Thou art gane awa'	
*Love is the cause of my mourning 87	
*Busk ye	
*The bush aboon Traquair	
*Lochaber 88	
*The yellow hair'd laddie	
*Johnny Cope 89	
*Earl Douglas's lament	
Low down in the broom	
For lack of gold	
Bonny Jean of Aberdeen 90	
The Broom of Cowdenknows	
*Lord Gregory [91]	
*Killicrankie [sic: Killiecrankie]	
*Down drought	
She rose and let me in 92	
O gin ye were dead gudeman	
*My boy Tammy	
The Banks of Doon 93	
*Highland battle [pp. 94-[95] printed in reverse!]	
*Wilt thou be my dearie	
*Etrick Banks	
*Roy's wife of Aldivalloch	
*Here's a health 96	
*Roslin Castle	
*Tweed Side 97	
*The flowers of the forest	
*Cauld kail in Aberdeen	
*Durandarte and Balerma	
*Bonie Dundee [sic: bonnie] 98	
*Logan Water	
*I had a horse I had nae mair	
*Coming thro' the broom my jo	
*Carron Side 99	
*Maid of Isla	
*Lord Balgonie's favorite [sic]	
*How sweet it is to love	
*Take your auld cloak about ye 100	
*Ah Gramachree Molly	
*Gilan na Drover 101	
Aileen Aroon or Robin Adair	
*Coolun (with variations) 102	
*On the Lake of Killarney (Hook)	
*The wounded hussar	
*Hugar mon fona Touraling 104	
*My love's the fairest creature	
*Paddy O'Carrol	
*The brandy shop	
*Drimindoo [105]	
*Carolan's devotion	
*Pastheen Fuen	
*John O'Reilly the active 106	
*O Molly my dearest honey	
*The black bird	
*Donald O'Cready	
*The seas are deep 107	
*The lady of the desert	
*Kitty Tyrrell	
*Black headed dearie 108	
*Fitzmaurice's ramble to Glasgow	
Jig Poltogue	
*The lug of the spade 109	
*The little house under the hill	
*The 10 penny piece (J F Erskine)	
*Song in Love a la mode 110	
*Mother Goose	
*St Patrick's Day	
*Paddy's flight 111	
*The mole catcher's daughter	
*The fox hunter's jig	
*Onoch's water fall	
*Granu Wail 112	
*Carolin's receipt for drinking whisky [sic: ?Carolan]	
*Humours of Glen 113	
Chiling O Guiery	
Erin go Bragh 114	
[pp.113-114 not included in index!] Prince Owen's march 115	
Ar Hyd y no's (The live long night) with variations 116	
*Sion ap Evan (John Evans son)	
*Sir Watkin William Wynn	
*Codiad yr Haul (The rising sun)	
*Nos Galan (New Years night)	
*Of noble race was Shenkin 118	
Codiad yr Hedydd (The rising of the lark)	
*March of the Men of Harlech	
*Morva Rhuddlan (The march of Rhuddlan) 119	
*The welch [sic: welsh] harper	
*Merch Megan (Megans daughter)	
*Glan meddwdod mwyn (Good humour'd and fairly tipsey)	
*Blodour Grug (The flowers of the heath) 120
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